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Roma Entrepreneurs are joining the incubator set up by REDI and Produse Handmade

Roma Entrepreneurs are joining the incubator set up by REDI and Produse  Handmade

REDI NGO and ProduseHandmade.ro have joined forces to support and empower Roma entrepreneurs to scale their businesses to the next level. With the technical support of our organization, ProduseHandmade.ro will support individual entrepreneurs to develop their businesses by providing a full-scale range of services starting with logistics, picking up orders, delivery, distributing orders across Roma Business Club.

“Produse Handmade” (www.produsehandmade.ro) was launched in September 2020, a period when the sights of the Covid-19 were still filling the space across the globe, with the goal to provide the Roma entrepreneurs the needed support to continue to generate income.

“These products are designed for the contemporary needs of reconnecting life to nature and protecting the environment, because our products involve clean and best quality raw material.
We want to bring back the traditional Romanian craft in the contemporary, trying to cover a wide range of materials: wood, copper, silver, brass, wicker, hazelnut, textiles, leather, etc.
We focus on the manual making of objects and their uniqueness, we also offer their personalization according to the client’s preference. We are promoters of the useful, of the authentic Romanian traditional, of the aesthetics, and we address exclusively the beauty lover of the artisan decorative artistic style.”
, is the mission statement of “Produse Handmade”.

Through different programs, REDI NGO also had to pivot their ongoing projects and react at the grassroots level, and several digitalization projects were kicked-off and finalized during 2020. With our combined knowledge and after assessing the needs of the entrepreneurs, aligned objectives of the two entities, this project has come to life. The workflow is simple:

  • Entrepreneurs will continue to do what their do best: craft unique and amazing products
  • ProduseHandmade.ro will take over logistics
  • REDI NGO will provide technical support, will handle advertising, and will bring more entrepreneurs to the network
REDI will continue to adapt the services and technical assistance offered to the Roma entrepreneurs. We will continue to nurture and grow businesses from grassroots level.
Petrica Dulgheru
Executive Director REDI
ProduseHandmade.ro wants to grow and gather many entrepreneurs who want to become partners in an ambitious project, a project of digitization and online promotion.
Thanks to REDI's Program "Roma Digital Boost", my small business became very popular on social media. I was overwhelmed by the love and support sent by people all over the world.
Covid-19 left me without my traditional selling places, like markets and fairs. The digitalization program helped me get the clients I needed to continue to provide for my family.