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The mission of REDI is to economically empower Roma communities by promoting existing entrepreneurs and their businesses using business development services, coaching and access to finance.
To achieve this mission and vision, REDI is outreaching to Roma communities and helping them to develop and grow their communities from within, support them to connect across borders and voice out their interests.
REDI is an ecosystem builder and connector between Roma entrepreneurs operating in their communities and the mainstream business environment.

Scale up micro, small and medium-size companies by identifying, investing and supporting those with a potential to add jobs and multiply the benefits to the community.

Nurture entrepreneurship into young Roma generation so that they become a catalyst for boosting economic development.

Building the capacities of Roma investment professionals capable to work for the first Roma Investment Fund.

Advocate and voice the interest of Roma entrepreneurs by establish business clubs, associations, and cooperatives aimed to improve the business environment and funding opportunities.


REDI’s long-term ambition is to help create 20 000 jobs in Roma communities in the next five years by using business facilitation, access to finance, human resource training, and capacity building.REDI is the first-ever institution dedicated to facilitating funding for start-ups and businesses among Europe’s most vulnerable group – the Roma people, leveraging on the ground presence and institutional relationship. We believe that enabling entrepreneurs to develop a business will lead to long-term employment and boosting job opportunities in the communities.
You have a dream? We have a plan! Make it happen with REDI!