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Terms of reference Communication Expert recruitment

Operating Countries:

Reference: Communication Expert

Deadline: 07.11.2023
Start Date: Immediately

Type of position: Part Time - 4h/day
Contract duration: 5 Months

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REDI Association is recruiting a part-time project based communication expert to implement a social media campaign within the project ’’Promoting Effective Implementation of Objective 5: ―Increase Effective Equal Access to Quality and Sustainable Employment of the New EU Roma Strategic Framework in Romania and Bulgaria’’.

The project aims to promote the effective implementation of Objective 5 in order to create a positive impact on the employment prospects of Roma in Romania and Bulgaria through adoption of policies and measures that are in line with Objective 5 of the new EU Roma Strategic Framework

Several activities in the frame of the project aim to promote the results and increase the overall project impact. A broad social media campaign will be implemented in Romania and Bulgaria, aiming to support awareness raising efforts for key issues related to employment and overall economic integration of the Roma. The social media campaign will include the production and dissemination of informative messages, photos, short videos, informative brochures, with Roma activists from the target countries supporting the campaign efforts through disseminating campaign messages, participating and moderating online discussions on the topics. The aim of the campaign is to support the mobilization of public support for implementation of the provisions of Objective 5 of the new EU Roma Strategic Framework and also to call to action the local authorities, employers, local and national bodies mandated with employability policies and integration of marginalized groups in Romania and Bulgaria. The activities aim to support multi-stakeholder cooperation in promoting employability opportunities for Roma in the target countries. The project aims to have a long term impact on the employment prospects of Roma. Parallel to the online campaign, printed promotional materials will be disseminated at all physical project events/activities. It is expected that at least 50.000 citizens of Romania and Bulgaria will be reached through the campaign efforts. Local authorities and other relevant stakeholder will be continuously updated on the progress in project implementation through regular communication (organization of individual meetings, emailing, etc.), as well as dissemination of relevant project deliverables (baseline report, monitoring reports, etc). Relevant project deliverables – training, workshop and seminar programmes, the baseline report, policy briefs and monitoring reports will be available in electronic format on the websites of the project partners, with the possibility to be read online or downloaded. Specific findings from these deliverables will be shared in the frame of the social media campaign and/or directly communicated to relevant stakeholder groups. The partner organizations will pay particular attention to mainstreaming gender inclusive language, topics and representations. All project materials will highlight the support of EU’’.

Position: Communication Expert

Job Description:

Organization: REDI Association

Location: preferably Bucharest/ or remote

Job Type: Part-time/4 hours/5mounths

Application Deadline: 31 november

About REDI Association:

REDI Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing roma economic development by building a support ecosystem and developing tools to increase vulnerable communities’ economic empowerment. We are in search of a dedicated Communication Expert to spearhead the implementation of an extensive social media campaign aimed at raising awareness and garnering support for this crucial mission.

Job Responsibilities:

1.      Social Media Campaign Strategy:

·         Develop a comprehensive social media campaign strategy that aligns with the project’s goal of promoting equal access to employability for the Roma communities.

·         Create a timeline and content plan for the campaign.

2.      Content Creation and Dissemination:

·         Create engaging and informative content, including messages, photos, short videos, and informative brochures, to be shared across various social media platforms.

·         Collaborate with and coordinate Roma activists from the target countries to ensure their involvement in disseminating campaign messages and participating in online discussions.

3.      Awareness Building:

·         Lead efforts to raise awareness about key issues related to Roma employment and overall economic integration in Romania and Bulgaria.

·         Foster multi-stakeholder cooperation to promote employability opportunities for the Roma.

4.      Advocacy and Mobilization:

·         Utilize the campaign to mobilize public support for the implementation of Objective 5 of the new EU Roma Strategic Framework.

·         Encourage local authorities, employers, and relevant governmental bodies to take action towards improving employability and integration of marginalized groups in Romania and Bulgaria.

5.      Printed Promotional Materials:

·         Coordinate the design and distribution of printed promotional materials to accompany physical project events and activities.

6.      Audience Engagement:

·         Monitor and actively engage with the online community by responding to comments and facilitating constructive discussions on campaign-related topics.

7.      Stakeholder Communication:

·         Keep local authorities and other relevant stakeholders informed about the project’s progress through regular updates, including individual meetings, emails, and other communication channels.

8.      Dissemination of Project Deliverables:

·         Ensure the timely dissemination of relevant project deliverables, such as baseline reports, monitoring reports, training materials, policy briefs, and seminar programs in electronic format on project partner websites.

9.      Information Sharing:

·         Share specific findings and highlights from project deliverables through the social media campaign and direct communication with relevant stakeholder groups.

10.  Gender Inclusivity:

·         Implement gender-inclusive language, topics, and representations in all communication materials and activities.

11.  EU Support Promotion:

·         Emphasize and highlight the support of the EU in all project materials and communication efforts.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, or a related field.
  • Proven experience in managing social media campaigns, especially in a social impact context.
  • Strong understanding of social media platforms and trends.
  • Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Proficiency in relevant design and communication tools.
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
  • Fluent in English and Romanian (additional languages are a plus).
  • A passion for advocating for social change and promoting inclusivity.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their CV, a cover letter detailing their relevant experience, and any pertinent portfolio or work samples to maria@redi-ngo.eu by 07.11.2023, 23:59 CET.

Join us in making a lasting impact by improving the employment prospects of the Roma communities in Romania and Bulgaria. We look forward to welcoming a dedicated Communication Expert to our team!

Deadline: 07.11.2023

If you have the required skills and meet the criteria, please send your CV and a cover letter to maria@redi-ngo.eu, with the subject “Communication Expert”.