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Lejla Zekirovska
Project Assistant REDI MK

Was born in Skopje, North Macedonia. She’s a graduate student of the American University of Europe – FON studying Economics, majoring in Business Management. She started her career at Premium Exclusive as a marketing representative, where she gained experience in marketing and sale. In 2019, she continued her work experience at Els group & VENERAS agency for Mediation Work Abroad as an Assistant Manager.

Lejla started her career at REDI as an intern in 2020 in Skopje, in the internship program framework for young Roma. During her Internship, she participates in several projects, and she was working exclusively with Roma entrepreneurs. She managed to help many entrepreneurs from North Macedonia to digitalize their business online and register their businesses. From January 2021, Lejla is a full member of REDI as a Project Assistant in North Macedonia. She considers the previously gained experience to be an excellent tool for helping and promoting the Roma communities in North Macedonia and the countries in the region.