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Short term goals

Establishing a system for primary waste separation in buildings


Technical support for collectors and their families


Formalising the informal collectors by employing them in enterprise


Maximizing revenues of collectors by identifying the final buyer


Tackling the four key problems

1. Communal and sannitary problem

At REDI Recycling, workers will receive training, protective equipment and electric tricycles to transport the waste. Collection will be made from special bins placed by our team

2. Kids forced to work

Workers will have a secure monthly income and they won't need the extra hand from kids to boost the little income they made while they were doing it illegally.

3. Illegality, insurance, contribution, and protection

REDI Recycling social enterprise obeys all the legal requirements for a running business. Workers will have all the benefits that workers in other industries have. Put in a simple way: they will be employees with contracts.

4. Exploitation of the labor of the collectors and discrimination

Raising the identity and dignity is a very crucial segment in the whole initiative, so that those people can have better integration in the whole society. They will no longer be seen as "those trash pickers", but like people working for a living while helping to clean the environment.

Planned stages

October 1, 2021
October 1, 2021


Open day with REDI Recycling brings together decision-makers at the highest level, representatives of the national government, civil society, financial institutions, and Roma people actively involved in recycling in North Macedonia. The event will provide various insights related to the importance and future of Roma in the Green Economy

1st Quarter, 2022
1st Quarter, 2022


It will be an ongoing procedure for the enterprise, starting early next year. Until the stage 3 is implemented, we will look for the best final buyers of the sorted waste

Ongoing, Starting 1st Quarter 2022
Ongoing, Starting 1st Quarter 2022


The number of people involved in the project should be gradually increased. REDI Recycling seeks cooperation from the citizens of Skopje, but also from the municipal authorities. At the same time, new informal waste collectors will be recruited, trained, and equipped



REDI Recycling plans to open it's own Recycling Factory. When the social enterprise will have the capacity of processing the selected waste, it can obtain a higher price for the finished product. This will enable us to provide better care and conditions for the workers