Our mission will be achieved with strong support from REDI NGO, who operates in Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Serbia with three main orientation:

Community outreach: REDI identifies and maps Roma communities. Through its network of business facilitators, REDI identifies potential eligible entrepreneurs and businesses with development potential.

Building know-how and skills: REDI NGO delivers technical assistance and trainings to Roma entrepreneurs (legal, accounting, marketing, business plan, etc.) to help them develop their business and build strong credit applications towards MFIs. REDI NGO also provides trainings to local financial institutions staff (i.e. loan officer, credit risk officers) that are focused in assessing Roma entrepreneurs loan requests.


Roma Business Clubs: REDI NGO supports the development of “business clubs” as hubs of resources sharing for Roma entrepreneurs active in a specific region, with the aim of developing a pan-European network of interconnected clubs.


We believe that by providing adapted financial products to Roma entrepreneurs, but also business development services and financial education, we are achieving better impact.