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REDI Network is the first-ever network of organizations in Europe dedicated to the economic development of Roma and vulnerable communities and Roma entrepreneurs. The innovative part of this network is that the members come from financial institutions, grassroots organizations, training organizations, and employment agencies. The network is designed to encourage and support entrepreneurs from vulnerable communities in developing their businesses to achieve economic emancipation and social inclusion.


Our mission is to establish a strong partnership with organizations from the European Union and develop regional projects that support vulnerable communities.

We aim to reach our mission by focusing on the following actions:

  • Establishing a strong partnership with the organization’s members that will adhere to the purpose;
  • Ensuring a network approach in research and analysis to develop common methodologies and assess local and regional legislation, policies, and practices;
  • Organizing and participating in decision-making processes, strategic dialogue, and raising public awareness through active citizenship, by promoting concrete pledges for social inclusion factors;
  • Enhancing the visibility and capacity of the network’s members by accessing international funding opportunities, facilitating participation in international learning events and dissemination actions.

Strategic Priorities 2021-2024


Supporting Local Entrepreneurial Initiatives from vulnerable communities


Education and Employment


Green Deal and Environment protection for vulnerable communities


Recovery and Resilience Plan

We propose transversal priorities such as capacity building and advocacy.

REDI Network will target the ability to form consortia and financing opportunities. We aim to focus on lobby events and decisive advocacy actions. Therefore, we believe that together, we will have a stronger voice.

The network has 25 active members from UE and Non-UE countries.

If your organization is interested to become a member of the REDI Network, get in touch with us following this link.