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Network Members



Rue de Science, 14b, Brussels, Belgium

Description: Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative is an ecosystem builder focusing on developing tools to increase vulnerable communities’ economic empowerment.


REDI Economic Development

S.A. (Société Anonyme)

8-10 Avenue de la Gare, L-1610 Luxembourg

Description: The Roma are the largest minority in Europe and they suffer from financial exclusion. Our mission is to facilitate access to funding for Roma entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs active in Roma communities, by:
a) Improving the financial education of the Roma
b) Reducing the information asymmetries existent between
financial intermediaries and the Roma
c) Improving the perceived risk profile of the Roma



Savska 24, 35000 Slavonski Brod

Description: Opened in 2014 as a regional Roma Youth Organization. In 2019 we changed name and started to work on national level. Our mission is to ensure a platform for young Roma for working in civil society. Empower them to define their challenges by themselves and create solutions for them. And to influence on Policies for youth and Roma in Croatia.



ERIAC eV, Reinhardtstrasse 41-43, Berlin 10117, Germany

Description: ERIAC has a unique and single mandate as the transnational, European-level organization for the recognition of Roma arts and culture. The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture e.V. (ERIAC) is a joint initiative of the Council of Europe, the Open Society Foundations, and the Roma Leaders’ initiative – the Alliance for the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture. ERIAC is an association registered under German law on 07 June 2017, in Berlin, Germany. ERIAC exists to increase the self-esteem of Roma and to decrease negative prejudice of the majorit.



71 Avenue de Cortenbergh, 1000, Brussels, Belgium

Description: The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) is a Roma-led, international public interest law organisation engaging in a range of activities aimed at combating anti-Romani racism and human rights abuse of Romani people in Europe. The approach of the ERRC involves, in particular, strategic litigation, international advocacy, research and policy development, human rights focused news production, and training of Romani activists.



via G. La Farina, 21 -90141 Palermo (Italy)

Description: CEIPES – International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development is a non-profit association founded in Palermo in 2007.
Vision: Empower people, organisations, and communities.
Mission: Developing potential by promoting innovation, education, work and experience.



76 Eleftheriou Venizelou Av., Aghia Varvara 123 51, Athens, Greece

Description: “G.R.T.U.” founded in 1998 in Aghia Varvara, where Roma have a High level of integration, in all sectors, and is the community which influence the National or even European plans and implementation of Policies or Strategies for the Roma inclusion.
Its mission is to achieve further development of a “yielding” legal employment and entrepreneurship of Roma community, based on the principles of a sustainable development for the entire society.



Str. Radu Voda Nr. 14, Bl. 759, Sc. A, Ap. 14, Iasi, Romania

Description: By definition, RomaJust was born as a solution for the professional development of young Roma law graduates in Romania and Europe. We take great interest in their profssional access and success, in facilitating their development. We believe they can create and consolidate a generation of attorneys that will support and defend the rights of Roma law graduates, and European citizens alike. We also believe that this hub will further fight against discrimination and civic liberty.



Dresder Straße 20/7.OG, 1200 Wien

Description: The umbrella environmental association represents the common environmental and nature conservation concerns of its member organizations and other actors. The diversity of interests of its autonomous members helps the environmental umbrella organization to find solid and well-founded positions. This makes it a central institutional player in the field of environmental, nature and alpine protection and thus makes a contribution to securing a sustainable future.

The core of the work is:

  • the dialogue with relevant stakeholders;
  • bringing the requirements of nature and environmental protection into socio-political discussions;
  • the respect and understanding of the diverse core concerns of its members;
  • Continuity and objectivity as well as a focus on impact-oriented action in terms of nature and environmental protection;
  • the principles of education for sustainable development.

Centrum spolecneho zajmu


Mikulovska 1, Brno 628 00, Czech Republic

Description: Our organization’s mission is to seek social inclusion and positive change in the life-style of socially excluded inhabitants. The main priority is to work with children and young people as a future generation. We are organizing several courses and preparing children in different subjects, when they need to improve their results at school. We are organizing also summer camps for children and young to teach them about culture places and nature in general, to develop their relationships on that. We are also doing different workshops and learn them about their civil rights and how to easily create some hate speech campaign, etc. Very often are organizing seminars for youth in general about holocaust, especially Roma holocaust and history.

Pakistansk Kulturforening Skedsmo


Postboks 85, 2013 Skjetten, Norway

Description: Our NGO is working for integration and our focus is to deliver service to minority community. We are collaborating with local governance, government, different NGO.

Fair & Square AS

AS (Co. Ltd)

Marta Steinsviks vei 12 c, 0658 Oslo

Description: Create as many good workplaces in the textile industry as possible. As a part of that creating a Romani factory exclusively employing Roma with work language being Romanes.



St. Myslysm Shyri-S.Pitarka 24/b, 1001 Tirana, Albania

Description: IRCA is established on July 1, 2011 and is very much influenced by services provided at advocacy bodies such as the Italian Institute of Culture in Albania, British Council, Peace Corps Volunteers as well as the career advice, research and documentation centers, functioning within universities in Europe and North America, with most of which IRCA initiators have had their own experiences.


Pakistansk Kulturforening Skedsmo


Postboks 85, 2013 Skjetten, Norway

Description: Our NGO is working for integration and our focus is to deliver service to minority community. We are collaborating with local governance, government, different NGO.



Rodopi str. 21, Montana 3400, Bulgaria

Description: Creating and building a modern and secure future for the young generations of Roma in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Roma-Lom Foundation


Lom-3600, Neofit Bozveli 4, Bulgaria

Description: The goal is to stimulate the empowerment process and the social emancipation of the Roma communities in Bulgaria. Roma-Lom Foundation perceives its role as an active agent of change with:

  • Stimulation of initiative citizen groups
  • Development and approbation of practices and lobbying for successful practices application
  • Stimulation of the ethnic-cultural dialogue for overcoming prejudices
  • Mobilizing the internal potential of the community and attraction of partners on campaigns concerning the Roma community

Roma Standing Conference


1000 Sofia, Zapaden park 51, Bulgaria

Description: The Roma Standing Conference is a civic movement of Roma, pro-Roma activists and organizations from all over the country working for social justice and prosperity of the Roma community. RSC want to breathe new life into the Bulgarian democracy of policies in which the voice of Roma citizens is heard and actively participate in the formulation and implementation of sustainable policies on key issues affecting our community.
We believe in the potential of our Roma community, so we support the growth of a new generation of Roma leaders. We support innovation and new approaches to work, so we give a platform for everyone to take the initiative.

Joves Gitanos de Garcia


Carrer d ́Igualada nº 10

Description: Associacio de Joves Gitanos de Gracia, is a non-profit and non governmental organization founded in April 2012 from a group of roma youngsters from Barcelona Spain. The principle objectives of the NGO are as following:

  • To fight against racism, discrimination and anti-Gypsyism.
  • To promote the rights of the Romani community and of combative marginalization.
  • Improving access to education, promoting school attendance, fighting illiteracy and developing policies.
  • To promote participation in public and political life To Improved cooperation and coordination with other international organizations and NGOs.



Concili de Trento 313 9º floor, Barcelona 08020, Spain

Description: Our Mission is to improve the creation of actions addressed to the Roma Community, gathering their aspirations and worries, building bridges between Roma and non-Roma and promoting social, civic and economic Roma development



7623 Pecs Szabadsag ut 19.Hungary

Description: The Amrita is a Non Profit Roma youth organization in Pecs, south of Hungary, created in 1994 by Roma and non-Roma with the aim of promoting inclusion and integration of Roma population in each segment. Amrita is a well-known, very good brand name among the Hungarian Roma organizations, the largest Roma student network in the country, abundantly sponsored by the EU. Amrita Association has student members and experts. Amrita spread in the country in the last 20 years, it’s operating now in South and North-East Hungary.



15. Danko utca, Budapest, Hungary, H-1086

Description: Romaversitas is a Roma-founded, Roma-led community organization, founded in 1996.
Our vision is a strong Romani intelligentsia that can assert the interest of Roma communities and create narratives for Roma people.
Our mission is providing assistance for young Roma to:

  • acquire academic degrees
  • strengthen their skills
  • shape their identity
  • empower them to build resilient communities

We are convinced that the education of Romani youth is a long-term investment that brings sustainable and real social change.


ETP Slovakia


Tajovského 1, 040 01 Košice, Slovakia

Description: ETP Slovakia is an NGO that has been actively working for more than 20 years on finding innovative solutions for challenges that vulnerable individuals and communities are facing in the East Slovakia region.

REDI Serbia


Republika Srbija, Beograd, Palilula, Padinska Skela 9

Description: The mission of REDI Serbia is to economically empower Roma communities by promoting existing entrepreneurs and their businesses using business development services, coaching and access to finance.
To achieve this mission and vision, REDI Serbia is outreaching to Roma communities and helping them to develop and grow their communities from within, support them to connect across borders and voice out their interests.




Rua João António Luz Robim Borges lote 16 1cave esq, 3080-634 Figueira da Foz- Portugal

associacaoribaltambicao cigana@gmail.com

Description: Promotion of recreational and play areas; activities of an educational nature, gender equality, Roma culture, employability and vocational training, anti-racial discrimination and mediation to manage conflicts in the areas of education, health and employment.

Trajosko Drom


Nedre Kaserngården 3B, 415 28 GÖTEBORG, SWEDEN

Description: Trajosko Drom is a Roma women’s organisation and a core civil  society actor within Roma inclusion work in Sweden, as well as  internationally. Our main aim is to work towards inclusion and  social development for the Roma minority as a whole – with a  special focus on women’s issues. At the same time the  organisation has an outspoken human rights based approach, also including all grounds of discrimination in our aim, working  for equality and diversity in society.