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REDI Business Club – a new era of economic development of the Roma community begins

REDI Business Club – a new era of economic development of the Roma community begins

On April 9, 2022, in Belgrade, the organization REDI (Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative) organized an initial meeting with Roma entrepreneurs from Serbia. The meeting was attended by entrepreneurs from various economic sectors, experts and members of the REDI team from North Macedonia and Serbia.

Many years of experience have shown that the establishment of business clubs is crucial for the economic development of Roma communities, because it brings innovative approaches to social inclusion.

REDI’s goal is for the Business Club in Serbia and North Macedonia to bring together Roma entrepreneurs, who will play an  important role in changing the perspective of Roma in society, motivating successful entrepreneurs to engage in public discourse and influence investment programs for Roma communities.

At the initial meeting, a 12-member CORE group of the “Roma  Business Club” was formed, which will continue to gather Roma  entrepreneurs from Serbia. The objectives, mission and short-term work plan of the business club have been adopted.

The  Roma Business Club aims to represent the interests of Roma entrepreneurs before national, international and business institutions, work on their mutual cooperation, promotion, and partnerships to create a more favorable business climate for the development of Roma entrepreneurship and its formalization.

We invite all interested business people, entrepreneurs, experts, highly educated Roma and people with business ideas and experience to join us.
This event is part of the action funded by the European Union: EU Support to REDI – Training and Advancement of Roma Entrepreneurs in the Western Balkans.