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David Sassoli – His life continues to inspire

David Sassoli – His life continues to inspire

Dear President Sassoli,

You believed institutions had to be closer to citizens, to all citizens. You applied non-compromising moral foundations with deep commitment and integrity in your political and institutional activity.

 You opened, for the first time, the door of the presidency of the European parliament to the most dispossessed people, the Roma in Europe. You did it with high conviction and concrete action together.

Europe and Italy have lost a great politician practicing politics as a matter of public value but also a great personal and open-minded character hearing and involving the voices of the ordinary people, even the most voiceless in Europe.

For this, we are heartbroken. We share the pain and suffering of your family and the political community you belonged to.

You will always remain in our hearts and heads in growing more courageous and wise progressive political force for change for all in Europe and Italy.

On behalf of

Transnational Network of Roma Movements